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Signing Ceremony Held for Joint Building of Zun Dao Primary School by QNU and Jinjiang Municipal Government


On the morning of November 19th, at the 110th anniversary of the founding of Zun Dao Primary School affiliated to Quanzhou Normal University, reports and ceremonies were held for its educational achievements, the donation of educational funds and the signing of a four-party agreement in Jinjiang. More than 1000 people attended the event, including Hong Biling, deputy director of the Committee for Liaison with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese of the Fujian Provincial Committee of CPPCC, Zhang Yao, deputy chairman of the Fujian Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Zhu Shize, Party secretary of QNU, Huang Jiangkun, deputy principal of QNU, Jinjiang municipal authorities, representatives of overseas communities, and teachers and students of Zun Dao Primary School.

In his speech, Zhu Shize introduced the general situation of QNU's construction and development, and then expressed gratitude for the long-term support from governments at all levels, overseas Chinese and the whole society. He remarked that with the assistance from authorities at all levels and the witness of enthusiasts from all walks of life, the signing of a new round of joint education agreement is sure to upgrade Zun Dao Primary School to a new level and make greater achievements.

At the signing ceremony of the four-party agreement, Huang Jiangkun, Huang Shaowei, Zhang Zhixiong and Shi Xueshun, respectively on behalf of QNU, Jinjiang municipal government, Longhu Town government and the board of directors of Zun Dao Primary School, inked Agreement of Joint Education Program by QNU and Jinjiang Municipal People's Government.

At the donation ceremony of education funds, Shi Xueshun, member of the CPPCC Fujian Committee and executive vice chairman of the board of directors of the affiliated Zun Dao Primary School, donated 5 million yuan to QNU for the construction of its history museum. Zun Dao Primary School received more than 10 million yuan from overseas representatives like Shi Gongqi, Shi Jiaoyong, Shi Chaofu, Shi Chaokun, Shi Rongxian as well as representatives from Jinjiang Qiangang Clans Association in the Philippines. The money will be used in the second phase of Zun Dao Primary School's infrastructure construction, such as teaching building, teachers' dormitory, sports ground and main roads.

On that evening, the second board of directors of Zun Dao Primary School affiliated to QNU held an inauguration ceremony, and Shi Gongqi, an overseas Chinese in the Philippines and Philippine President's special envoy to China, was once again honored as chairman of the board of directors.

Zun Dao Primary School, located in Longhu Town, Jinjiang, was founded in 1909 with a long history of 110 years. With the support of governments at all levels and overseas Chinese, a joint education program was signed in April 2015 by QNU, Jinjiang municipal government, Longhu Town government and the board of directors of Zun Dao Primary School, in a concerted effort to establish Zun Dao Primary School affiliated to Quanzhou Normal University. Since then, the scale of the school has expanded from 7 to 13 classes. In addition, such aspects as connotation construction, education management and teaching quality have all been steadily improved, winning a high reputation and wide recognition from all sectors of the society. The school has not only passed the evaluations but also earned the titles of 'Fujian Compulsory Education Standard School' and 'Fujian Compulsory Education Management Standard School'.

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